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Main page 9 Requirements & prerequisites

Requirements & prerequisites

Step 1

Identify the program option that suits you best

Step 2

Prepare the documents required for application & admission (copies)

Step 3

Submit the application & documents online or in person

Step 4

Pass the relevant examination / interview, if needed

Step 5

Come to the site in advance for organisational & payment procedures


Admission documents required for  International Student

  1. Application form
  2. Academic certificates & transcripts indicating:
    Qualifications (degrees)
      • Grades received
      • Undergraduate (BSс/BA) and Specialist programs: High school diploma
      • Graduate (MSс/MA) programs: certificate of the previous degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent);
      •  Important: Recognition of education documents obtained in a foreign state
  1. Notarized translation of academic certificates and transcripts into Russian
  2. Photocopy and notarized translation of the first two pages of your passport / ID
  3. Digital photo (3×4 cm, formal outfit)
  4. Education received in a foreign country must be legalized

Recognition of education documents obtained in a foreign state

If you received your previous education outside of Russia, then in order to enter Moscow University, your foreign education must be recognized as corresponding to the educational program implemented in the Russian Federation. Recognition of foreign education and / or qualifications is a prerequisite for admission to Moscow University.

To pass the recognition procedure, you must prepare:

A valid identity card by which you plan to cross the border of the Russian Federation for the purpose of studying;

Document about your previous education and annexes to it;

A document confirming a change of surname, first name or patronymic, if they do not match with the educational document and the valid identity card.

Documents received in a foreign country must be legalized. You can familiarize yourself with the required form of legalization of documents issued in your country here.

All documents drawn up in a foreign language must be accompanied by a notarized translation into Russian.