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Scientific projects available and recruiting

MicroInsectLab studies

Alexey Polilov is the head of work on the comprehensive study of the smallest insects. His laboratory – MicroInsectLab studies the structure and ultrastructure, flight mechanics, cognitive abilities, connectomics, genomics and others areas of studying microinsects.

Small heat shock proteins (sHsp): structure, properties and functioning mechanisms studies

The structure of several small human heat shock proteins and their mutants that mimic phosphorylation and the ability of small heat shock proteins to form hetero-oligomeric complexes have been investigated. It has been shown that point mutations correlating with neurodegenerative diseases lead to a decrease in stability and a weakening of the chaperone activity of the heat shock protein HspB8. The structure and properties of the universal adapter protein 14-3-3 have been studied, and it has been suggested that this protein may play an essential role in developing some forms of neurodegenerative diseases (tauopathies).

Proteolytic enzymes of micromycetes studies

Alexander Osmolovskiy

Scientific work is related to the study of proteolytic enzymes produced by micromycetes, especially representatives of the genus Aspergillus. Research is aimed at screening producers and obtaining hemostatically active proteases for the development of medical therapeutic and diagnostic drugs.